Meet Katherine

Hello, I’m Katherine, and this is my space to stretch and breathe a little.


Things can get crowded and muddled sometimes, don’t we all know? I feel as if I graduated college and I’ve just been clinging to the coattails of God as He pulls me through one new mess after another. All too often I am not graceful in this, or I’ll just let go and sit myself right down and refuse to move. I’ve been a new adult, a new wife, a new mom. I’ve got none of the three figured out.

I ache for adventure of the Christ-type that can turn every one of the ordinary days into a captivating story of grace. I love Laffy Taffy jokes and Chipotle burritos, running shoes and ice-cold water, old hymns and drumlines, mile-high skylines and mile-wide farm skies, milky baby smiles and hugs that make the hard days warm again.

I believe that my role is to be the ezer k’enegdo to my best friend of a husband, a strong, patient, tender, and oh-so-exasperating man who has both stolen and challenged my heart, but that’s doesn’t diminish who I am in the slightest. And that’s messy.

I believe that whether you breastfeed or stay at home or eat organic or whatever other choices there are, womanhood is beautiful and motherhood is strength, and that beautiful strength could move mountains. And that’s messy. Me

I believe that conservatives should be more liberal, and liberals should be more conservative, and if we could all stop throwing stones for a second, maybe we could be the force of love and social justice that Jesus commanded us to be. And that’s messy.

I believe that there’s grace enough for all of our ugliness, whether we yet see the ugly or not. And that’s messy.

There is so far to go… and yet, I’ve come so far. We have come so far, God and I, and we’ve now established that I’m clueless and crowded and messy, but He has the end in mind while I’m staring at my feet. I pray that you find something here that causes you to nod, causes your heart to feel perhaps a little less alone, causes you to find grace in new ways.

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  1. Kitty,
    It’s so nice to meet you. I feel at home here. Thanks for opening up and allowing us to visit this space. 🙂


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