Words For Your Week: Sunday Links, Vol. 3

Every Sunday, I will link up and share quotes from posts that have really spoken to me during the past week. So many writers make me laugh, make me think, make me cry, and why wouldn’t I share them with you? Sometimes one or two, sometimes a much larger handful – I hope that they increase your faith as they did my own.


#162 – Jessica, at Authored Angioplasty

“I may be a “Don’t”
or a “Won’t” Christian
(there’s a difference
of intention –
just the way I choose each day
to wrap
these silver symbols over skin)
but that’s the “super” thing
about religion –
from beneath the stacks
of unopened devotions
and amid the sawdust mist
and Cliffs un-noted
I arise each morning knowing
I want more
from the twisting of this orbit
and wake up face to face
with equal parts free will,
and grace.”

There Will Be No Baptists In Heaven – Antonia, at A Deeper Story

“I’m just not sure we are all supposed to look the same. Maybe, actually, at the last and first we will all be baptizing each other over and over again (babies and teenagers, in rivers and gold fonts), we will always ever be speaking in tongues, communing with the saints, tapping tambourines, swinging incense, writing icons, having testimony time,  forever passing around the bread and the wine, therefore let us keep the feast, Alleluia.”

Embracing My Sasha Fierce – Osheta, at Shalom In The City

“There’s more than scandalized pearl clutching and judgmental accusations. There’s more than rule following and pledge card signing.  There’s more than insecurity driven coldness and fear-based shaming. There’s more than books that turn married sex into a seven day project or game to be won. There’s more for us, holy, wild, wonderful, Sasha Fierces. There’s Holy Spirit sealed, Creator-God sanctioned, Jesus Christ celebrated,  joyful intimacy in marriage.”

To The Wife Who Holds Her Breath – Sheila, at Longings End

“For she can never change him when he doesn’t want to change, doesn’t see the truth in a true, real Way. Won’t bend His knee to the Almighty when it’s the throne he desires.”

This One’s For The Men – Brianne, at Compassion Blog

“Sponsorship isn’t just for women. You know, the maternal type. The ones who seem to be the most likely to remember to write. The ones who might shout for joy with each letter received. A bond between a boy and a man is quite purely, important. So this is a call to all the men to Sponsor a Child. Or a call to all the women who know a man (a friend, a husband, a boyfriend, a son) to encourage that man to Sponsor a Child. There is a boy out there who might find such joy at just the sound of your name. A boy who, in the midst of poverty, might find his best friend.”


About Katherine Swing

A new wife. A newer mother. An often unlovable lover of Jesus. A Midwest farm girl putting down roots in a city. A runner, writer, musician, morning person. I don't usually know who I am or what I'm doing. But that's the beauty of it.

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  1. Thank you, Kitty, for including the words from that Longings End post. How I pray that the women who need to read those words will see it and more importantly that the words will speak to their hearts. God bless you, sweet sister, and blessings on your week…


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